Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Angels, Angels Everywhere

Angels, Angels Everywhere, written by Larry Libby, is an updated and revised version of a previously published book titled Somewhere Angels. Each two page spread poses a question about angels and then expounds with an answer. The questions asked include:
  • Do angels know where we are?
  • Why can't we see angels?
  • What do angels look like?
  • Will I be an angel when I die?
  • How do angels get to Earth from Heaven?
  • Do angels deliver messages?
  • Do you and I have a special angel?
  • Where are angels when we need them?
  • Did Jesus have guardian angels?
  • What is the Good News angels hear in Heaven?
  • Can we praise God with the angels?
  • Do angels worship God?
  • What can we learn from the angels?
  • Will angels take me to Heaven?
Each answer is founded on Scriptural truths. Many include stories from the Bible of encounters with angels, such as that of Elijah, Daniel and the Apostle Paul.

The illustrations by Corbert Gauthier appear to be oil paintings. They are realistic and brilliant, filled with light and color.

What I Like:
I love this book! It is wonderfully organized and answers the questions accurately and with age-appropriate clarity. Unlike many other books about supernatural beings, the author does not speculate or rely on legends. He offers answers founded solidly on Scripture. The illustrations are gorgeous. My kids really like this book, too. The content has sparked some wonderful conversations about angels and truth, questions I didn't realize my kids had.

What I Dislike:
I noticed at least one mistake (typo) in the text. My biggest concern, though, is that Bible references are not given for the stories. They are provided in ample supply for direct quotes, but never for the many re-told stories from the Scripture. One story that particularly interested my daughter didn't even list the prophet's name, so I haven't a clue about where to look for the biblical account. I would have appreciated an index of stories or even footnotes.

Overall Rating:
Excellent. Even with the the "dislikes" listed above, I cannot recommend this book more enthusiastically.

Age Appeal:

Publisher Info: ZonderKidz, 2003; ISBN: 0310703425; Hardback; 30 pages; $12.99

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