Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Daddy the King is Very Busy

My Daddy the King is Very Busy was written and illustrated by Carol Weshenfelder. Written in free verse, the text rejoices over a Father's love.

Told from a first-person perspective, the book begins by detailing how God made many things. "He's very busy, but He makes time for me because He made me, too!" The story gives several examples of God's love and protection for the earth and its creatures. Each stanza ends with a personal affirmation that "He's very busy, but ..." He makes time for His children, He loves His children and His children are important to Him.

The full-color illustrations fill the large pages. A scroll design serves as the background to each page's text.

What I Like: This book teaches readers that God is personal and He always has time for them. Too often children think of God as distant and out of reach. The author has done a nice job emphasizing the opposite.

What I Dislike:
Unfortunately, self-published books are often more expensive by necessity. This is one of those instances. I feel $15 is simply too high for the content and quality of this book. Even the sale price of $12 seems too much to me. There are punctuation errors and capitalization issues. My biggest concern, however, relates to the illustrations. They are below par and, frankly, disconcerting. The style is inconsistent; the characters are either unequally proportioned or deformed. Designed for a much smaller format, the computer-generated images appear pixelated and blurry.

Overall Rating:

Age Appeal:

Publisher Info:
CreateSpace, 2009; ISBN: 1438204280; Paperback; 42 pages; $12.00

Buy it at for $12.00!

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