Tuesday, October 19, 2010

David Cornerstone: A Story of Faith

David Cornerstone: A Story of Faith is a story about a boy named David who learns about faith and trust in God in the midst of trial.

David Cornerstone lives in the South in 1961, and is the youngest of seven children. David finds out that his father has been diagnosed with cancer. Although he can barely understand what this disease is, he knows that the situation applies to the verse he learned in school.

He tells his dad over and over, "Phillip, Phillip 4:6, Phillip 4:6!" His father realizes that he is talking about Philippians 4:6, which tells Christians not to worry or fear, even over a serious disease like cancer.

When David tells his friends at school about his dad's illness, the children think that David might need sorcery or black magic to heal his father. As David goes home to contemplate these things, he has a dream. He dreams that he is a commanding general, charging into battle with the army of the Lord. The enemy is employing all sorts of pestilence and sorcery, but the army of the Lord is surrounded by angels. The Lord sends confusion to the enemy, and they begin to slaughter one another. All the enemy troops are destroyed, but not one of the warriors from the army of the Lord is lost.

When David wakes, he realizes it is just a dream, but then the belt and sash that the archangel Gabriel was wearing falls into his lap. He realizes that all he and his family need is Jesus. He rushes into the house to tell his father the good news, but his father has his own news to share. There is no trace of cancer in his father's body, and the Lord has healed him.

What I Like: The author wrote this book because of the controversy surrounding the Harry Potter books in churches. She wanted to show children that all they need is Jesus, not wizardry or sorcery. I appreciate the Scripture references sprinkled throughout the story.

What I Dislike: I would be careful to explain to my children that just because they have faith in God, He isn't always going to miraculously heal someone who is sick. The story reads a little awkwardly at times, and the illustrations are stiff in some spots.

Overall Rating: Good

Age Appeal: The publisher doesn't specify but I would say ages 6-12 would benefit most from this book.

Publisher Info: Outskirts Press, 2010; ISBN:1432758225 ; Paperback, 62 pages; $23.95.
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