Friday, September 10, 2010

Mystery of the Silver Coins

Bree and Lil have escaped their Viking captors in Mystery of the Silver Coins, and Mikkel and his fellow Vikings are after them. Written by Lois Walfrid Johnson, this book shares ideas about courage, forgiveness, as well as trusting--and doubting--God. This is the second book in the Viking Quest series.

What Bree doesn't know when they hatch their escape is Mikkel has discovered a bag of coins missing--and he wants them back. With Bree and Lil missing, he presumes they've stolen the coins, as does his crew. And the Vikings aren't going anywhere until the coins--and the girls--are back on board their boat.

With the Vikings searching for them, the girls manage to stay hidden in the wilderness of Norway, even hiding in plain sight (with the use of disguises) in order to search for food. Bree constantly talks to Jesus, searching for direction, and when she loses the connection, she eventually realizes she needs to forgive Mikkel. When she and Lil are recaptured by Mikkel, Bree helps him hatch a plan to discover the true thief of the silver coins.

What I Like: Bree is a spunky heroine. She feels God has a purpose for her, and at thirteen, that's something that really makes an impression on me. She also shows great selflessness when she takes the younger Lil with her in her escape from Mikkel.

I really like the values that are taught in this book. I found Bree's reliance on God, even in the face of her doubts about His purpose for her, genuine and a great model for young adults.

The mystery part is intriguing to me, a mystery writer. The writer did a good job on dropping the right clues along the way about who the thief was.

I'm intrigued by the carefully crafted characters in this book and would like to read the remainder of the series for myself.

What I Dislike: This book is part of a series, and the writer seems to think that if you're reading this one, you've read the first one. This wasn't true in my case, so I would have appreciated more of a recap.

Overall Rating: Very Good.

Age Appeal: Young adult

Publisher Info: Moody Publishers, 2003; ISBN: 978-0-8024-3113-4; Paperback $7.99

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Special Info: This is book two of the "Viking Quest" series. We've reviewed other books in the series here.

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