Saturday, September 18, 2010

My First New Testament Bible Stories

My First New Testament Bible Stories, written by Kim Mitzo Thompson and Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand, is a Bible story book for young children. It has a selection of eleven stories from the New Testament, starting with Jesus’ birth and ending with his resurrection. The last entry, number twelve, is from Revelation, showing children how to let Jesus come into their hearts.

Each story is laid out across two pages, with the story on one side and a full-page illustration on the other. A Bible verse is given to introduce each story. And, each story corresponds with a song on the included CD. The songs and stories are numbered, so it’s easy to pair songs and stories together. Each story page includes the first verse of the matching song. There are a total of 20 songs on the CD; the first 12 correspond to the entries in the book. The lyrics for all 20 songs are also included on the CD.

The illustrations, by Mernie Gallagher-Cole, are bright, colorful and expressive.

What I Like: The board book comes with a padded cover making the book quite sturdy. The story chapters are short, there is a good selection of stories, the illustrations are bright, and the book comes with a sing-along CD.

What I Dislike: I know I’m probably being picky, but even though the story chapters are short, the text is not broken up into paragraphs; rather, it’s just one block of text.

Overall Rating: Very good.

Age Appeal: 4-8.

Publisher Info: Twin Sisters IP, 2010; ISBN: 9781599226149; Padded Board Book Cover, $12.99.

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