Monday, September 20, 2010

Animal Sound Mix-Up

What would you do if you heard monkeys moo or pigs squawk or horses bark? You’d giggle at the complete silliness of it all! And that kind of giggle-causing silliness is just what’s in store for you and your young child when you read Animal Sound Mix-Up, written by Connie Arnold and illustrated by Kit Grady.

In a whimsical way, the book explores the question of how we might react if animals (both domestic and wild) made sounds we didn’t expect to hear from them. After posing several amusing scenarios, the author points out God’s wisdom in giving each animal its own unique sound.

What I Like: A majority of the snappy rhyming pattern and rhythm flowed nicely throughout the book, making it fun to read aloud. I’m confident children will enjoy the comical animal/sound pairings. In addition, the pictures were beautiful, bright, and projected a playful feeling of motion.

What I Dislike: I felt like the rhythm broke down a little on the last few pages, which made the rhymes at the end of the book feel forced.

Overall Rating: Very good.

Age Appeal: The publisher says ages 9-12, but I believe it is better suited for a younger audience. It would be especially good with toddlers learning their animals and the sounds they make.

Publisher Info: Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc., 2010; ISBN:978-1616330835 ; Paperback $9.95

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