Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jesus Is Coming Back!

Jesus' second coming can be a topic difficult to discuss. But in Jesus Is Coming Back!, author and illustrator Debby Anderson makes the topic fun and interesting to young children.

A child tells the reader about some of the things they get excited about: Christmas, a friend spending the night, or the grandparents visiting. But, the kid also says he is excited about Jesus coming back. He shares when Jesus comes, we'll meet Him in the clouds, get new bodies, and we'll be perfect.

The child wonders where they'll be when Jesus comes: swinging, sliding, picking apples, sharing cookies. They also wonder about the things they'll do in Heaven.

What I Like: The Second Coming isn't treated as scary, but something to look forward to. Also, almost every page has at least one or two scripture references, and most reflect what is discussed on that page.

One page is dedicated to a child's version of a sinner's prayer, indicating that it's important to make sure the reader belongs to Jesus.

What I Dislike: The story seems a bit haphazard in its flow. After the sinner's prayer, the writer backtracks as the storyteller wonders again where they'll be when Jesus returns.

Overall Rating: Good

Age Appeal: 4 - 7

Publisher Info: Crossway Books, 2005; ISBN: 1-58134-743-X; Hardback $10.99

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Special Info: Jesus is pictured on one page.
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