Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How To Buy Books We've Reviewed

Recently, some of you emailed to say you wanted to buy certain books we've reviewed, but couldn't find them anywhere. Fortunately, every review at Christian Children's Book Review includes at least one link to a place where you can purchase the book. And if you purchase a book (or any other product) those those links, you should know you're supporting Christian Children's Book Review and making it possible for us to improve the blog. For every item you purchase through one of our links, we earn a small commission. (We won't earn a commission if you bookmark the link or put the book on your Wishlist and buy it later.)

Sometimes, if you're looking for a book we reviewed a while ago, the title may no longer be available through the link we provided. That typically only happens if the book goes out of print. For out of print books no longer available through our links, I recommend ABEBooks.com, which lets you to search for and buy out of print books from bookstores across the country. It's a great resource!

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