Monday, March 29, 2010

Benjamin's House and Antony's House

Benjamin’s House is the story of the crippled man who is lowered through the roof of a house by his friends so he can see Jesus. His faith, and that of his friends, is so strong, that when Jesus sees him he tells him to get up and walk – and the man does.

The story takes place in “Benjamin’s house,” hence the name of the book. Mark 2: 1-12 is given as a reference for the story. Bright, colorful illustrations cover each two-page spread.

This version of the story isn’t much different from many others I’ve read. What makes this book different is the format; it’s a board book that measures just 3 X 1.9”.

Antony’s House is the same in style, size and layout. It is the story of the soldier whose servant is sick. The soldier, named Antony, finds Jesus and tells him his servant is sick and can’t come to Jesus to be healed. Jesus tells the man he will come to his house. But, the soldier doesn’t feel worthy of Jesus’ presence in his home so he says, “Just give the order and my servant will be well.” His faith is so strong that Jesus heals the servant without even seeing him. Matthew 8: 5-13 is given as a reference for this story.

What I Like: These are very short books that will hold a child’s attention. And, they are small enough to make them highly portable so you can take them anywhere.

What I Dislike: However, having said that, they are so small I fear they would be very easy to lose.

Overall Rating: Good.

Age Appeal: I couldn’t find a suggested age group for these books. The board book format would suggest baby-preschool, but the number of words and the reading level makes them more suitable for ages 3-5.

Publisher Info: Angus Hudson Limited, 2001; ISBN: 0825472245; Board Book, $2.98 (Benjamin’s House).
Angus Hudson Limited, 2001; ISBN: 0825472253; Board Book, $2.98 (Antony’s House).

Buy Benjamin’s House now at for $2.98.

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