Monday, February 1, 2010

Yes, Jesus Loves You

Yes, Jesus Loves You, written by Heather Tietz, is as the blurb says, “a soothing stroll through God’s creation.” The author starts with a celebration of the child, showing how God loves us “crown to toes, twinkling eye and tiny nose.” Then the author goes on to include nature and all of God’s creations, such as raindrops, trees, and sunbeams, as proof that God loves “you.”

The text is in rhyme. The rhyme scheme is smooth and even until the next to the last page of the book.

The text is enhanced by the beautiful pastel drawings by Nancy Miller.

What I Like: I like the sparse text (few words on each page) and the artwork.

What I Dislike: My only complaint is the last part of the book where the rhyme doesn’t work. Otherwise, I like everything about the book.

Overall Rating: Very good.

Age Appeal: Baby – Preschool.

Publisher Info: Ambassador Children’s Books, 2009; ISBN: 9780809167432; Hardcover, $14.95.

Buy now at $11.66.
Special Info: Visit the author’s website. Visit the illustrator’s website.

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