Wednesday, February 3, 2010

March Round the Walls with Joshua

March Round the Walls With Joshua, written by Stephanie Jeffs and illustrated by Chris Saunderson, is a rhyming book complete with fun actions for young ones to perform. This is the story of Joshua and the Battle of Jericho. The book begins:

"Look! Look!
At Jericho city.
Look at the walls, with Joshua."
The illustrations encourage the child to cup fingers around each eye to "look."

Your child will knock, march, carry, blow, hush, (go) round, shout, rumble, bang and crash, charge, and (say) thanks with Joshua.

The story of Joshua obeying God's command and marching around the walls of Jericho will come alive for your child with the reading of this book. If I were still teaching Sunday School, I'd definitely use this book and the others from the action rhymes series as a teaching aid.

What I Like: I like the format of this book. The rhyme is simple and repetitive, but children will find it easy to recite. After reading this book and performing the actions, children are sure to remember this beloved Bible story. I like the last page which gives all glory to God, "Thanks! Thanks! Say thank you to God, For giving this city to Joshua."

What I Dislike: Nothing to dislike about this cute book.

Overall Rating: Very Good

Age Appeal:4-8

Publisher Info: New Day Publishing, 2007; ISBN:0978905679 ; Paperback $4.99.

Buy it Now at for $4.99.

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