Friday, February 5, 2010

The Hallelujah Lass

The Hallelujah Lass is the true story of Eliza Shirley, who was a pioneer of the Salvation Army in the United States. This book, tenderly written by Wendy Lawton, is the fifth in the Daughters of the Faith series.

Eliza grew up in nineteenth century England, loved nice things, and was careful to be proper at all times! She was raised to be mannerly, and to appreciate the finer things in life. So how did she end up preaching outdoors, while rotten fruit was thrown at her?

This story will take you into Eliza's life, and you will be able to see how God worked in her heart and life, making her into a selfless and useful servant of God. You'll travel with her from England to the United States. You'll be touched as you read about the inner workings of her heart, and see how she was drawn by the ministry of the Hallelujah Lassies. You'll also get to know her best friend Beck, and grow to respect her father and mother as they travel their respective spiritual journeys.

My favorite quote from the book comes from Eliza's father:

"Just remember Pet ... receiving the Gospel costs you nothing. Sharing the Gospel costs you something. Following the Gospel costs you everything."

What I Like: This book is very informative, but skillfully written and interesting to read. All the words that may be unfamiliar are italicized, and can be looked up in the glossary in the back of the book. No matter how you feel about women preaching, you will be touched by this book, and the compassion and bravery of Eliza. This book will teach young women that the Lord uses people regardless of their age and stature.

What I Dislike: I don't dislike anything about this book.

Overall Rating: Excellent

Age Appeal: 9-12, but I even enjoyed this book as an adult!

Publisher Info: Moody Publishers, 2004; ISBN:0802440738 ; Paperback $6.99

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