Monday, February 1, 2010

A Bible Alphabet and Activity Book

A Bible Alphabet, written and illustrated by Alison Brown, is a resource for children that goes through some well-known Bible stories A-Z. Your child will learn about: ark (Noah), basket (Moses), coat (Joseph), donkey (Balaam), earth (creation), fish (Jonah), giant (Goliath), house (Mary and Martha), ink (Paul's letters), jail (Peter), king (Solomon), lion (Daniel), manger (Jesus), needle (Dorcas), oil (Elisha), picnic (feeding the 5,000), queen (Jezebel), raven (Elijah), shepherd (Good Shepherd), tent (Abraham), unleavened bread (Israelites), vineyard (Naboth), wall (Nehemiah), box (ark of the Covenant), yoke (Job), and Zion (Heaven.) Each page of this book is dedicated to one of the 26 letters of the alphabet, and its corresponding topic.

The illustrations are beautifully rendered in colored pencil, and the description of each word simple, but enough to set the stage for more learning! All of the letters are lower-case. For example:

"l is for lion
Daniel loved to talk to God, even though it was against the law. That was why he was thrown into a pit with some hungry lions. God took care of faithful Daniel. Not one of those lions touched him!"

A Bible Alphabet-Activity Book
corresponds with A Bible Alphabet. I'd definitely recommend buying these two books together. The activity book has a pull-out page with lower case letters to color, blanks to fill in, and a big beautiful picture to color.

For example, the lion page has lowercase "l's" and the word "lion" to color in. It also has a picture of a lion to color, and a fill in the blank paragraph about the story.

What I Like:
I used this for preschool Bible with my oldest daughter. We would read a page in the first book, and then I would give her the coloring page to do. We'd find the story in the Bible and read it together. At the end of the book, there are Scripture references that you can look up, which makes further discussion very easy. I liked that everything was Biblically correct, and easy for my child to understand.

What I Dislike: I don't dislike anything about either of these books.

Overall Rating: Excellent

Age Appeal:4-8, although younger children may enjoy it as well.

Publisher Info: Banner of Truth , 2007; ISBN:0851519636 ; Paperback $8.00 (A Bible Alphabet)
Banner of Truth, 2007; ISBN:0851519644; Paperback $4.00 (Activity Book)

Buy A Bible Alphabet Now at for $8.00.

Buy a Bible Alphabet Activity Book at for $4.00.

OR Buy A Bible Alphabet-Activity Book at for $4.00.

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Unknown said...

Are there images of Jesus?

Beverly said...

Hello Marlies,

I do not recall that there were pictures of Jesus in the book. I will try to dig out my preschool material (I used this as a preschool supplement) and check for sure!

Thanks for your comment :-)

Beverly said...

Marlies, I wanted to add that on the image of "shepherd", the book states that Jesus is the Good Shepherd. The picture to color is that of a shepherd carrying a sheep. One could argue that it was a picture of Jesus, but I told my girls that it was an image of a shepherd, impressing on their minds that Jesus is the Good Shepherd.