Monday, January 3, 2011

Watching Over Everything

Watching Over Everything is a sweet book that will teach children the important truth that Jesus is with them at all times, and that they can pray to Him wherever they are. Shirley Kuzmunich uses Scripture and situations that children will identify with to show children that Jesus is right beside them, watching over everything. The illustrations by Kathy Hoyt are engaging.

The children in this book realize that they can pray while they are eating breakfast, playing, sitting in the car seat, feeling sad, at the dentist, going on vacation, receiving gifts and more. A young boy who is in bed says:

"I know that prayer time never sleeps; my Lord is always by my side.
He hears every prayer -- sad, happy, or scared -- watching over everything.
' We love because he first loved us.' I John 4:19"

Every situation in this book is paired with a relevant Scripture to show that Jesus does indeed care about all of our life's circumstances, big or small.

What I Like: I love the fact that Scripture is an intricate part of this book. Also, the children are pictured in a way that will interest the little ones who are looking at the illustrations. Children may think that God may be too "big" to care about the little things that happen in their lives, and this book will show them how much He does care.

What I Dislike:
I don't dislike anything about this book.

Overall Rating:

Age Appeal:

Publisher Info:
Tate Publishing, 2009 ; ISBN:1607997118 ; Paperback, 28 PGS., $9.99

Buy it at for $9.99.

Buy the Kindle edition for $6.39.

Special Info: Jesus is pictured on the cover, as well as twice in the body of this book. Also, if you purchase this book, you will also receive a code for a free audio book download.

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