Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Princess with a Purpose

If your little girl loves princesses, Christian publishers offer a variety of offerings targeted directly to her. One of the more important princess books, though, is Princess with a Purpose by Kelly Chapman.

In this book, we meet 8 year old Caroline, who loves everything princess. One day her grandma (whom she's lived with for years) sends Caroline to Princess Prep School. This, Caroline says, will be her second most favorite day. (Her first most favorite day being when she asked Jesus into her heart.)

But classes get off to a rocky start when Prissy Crissy tells Caroline: "Don't you know that you need a king as your father and a queen as your mother to be a real princess?" After that, all Caroline can think about is that she can't be a real princess like the other girls because she doesn't have a father.

That night, Caroline dreams she's at Princess Prep School again when the King's helper, Constant, appears. He invites them to the castle for tea. Prissy Crissy points out there's no room for Caroline in the beautiful horse drawn coach, but Constant allows her to ride in the driver's seat with him. This gives him a chance to tell Caroline all about the Prince of Calvary.

When they arrive at the castle, their teacher Miss Lily is there. She asks: "Can anyone tell me what it means to be a rel princess?" Prissy Crissy says, "That's easy-schmeasy! A real princess belongs to a royal family. Her parents are the king and queen of the universe, and she has a gazillion maids who do whatever she wants...A real princess wears a pretty crown and lovely dresses. And she is beautiful - just like me!"

Miss Lily gently tells her she's incorrect: "A real princess has a heart full of love for her King and others. That's what makes her truly beautiful."

Caroline asks if a real princess must have a father. Miss Lily comforts her by saying it is our heavenly father who makes us real princesses. "You became a real princess the moment you believed Jesus died on the cross for your sins and was raised to life again," she says. "And since He is the King of kings and you are His daughter, that makes you his [princess]." Overjoyed, Caroline says she wants to know everything about how to be the princess Jesus wants her to be. Miss Lily is so pleased, she gives Caoroline a crown.

When Caroline wakes up, her entire attitude has changed. "I really am a princess!" she cries.

The last three pages of the book give information on how to become a daughter of the King (complete with quotes from the Bible), a prayer for asking Jesus into your heart, and a proclamation that can be personalized to show your little girl is now a part of God's family.

What I Like: This story is touching and easy for young girls to relate to. The illustrations by Tammie Lyon are expressive and full of lots of princess-y things. Most importantly, Princess with a Purpose helps girls understand there are real princesses - and if you're a girl or woman who loves Jesus, you are one.

What I Dislike: Nothing.

Overall Rating: Excellent.

Age Appeal: 4 - 8

Publishing Info: Harvest House, 2010; ISBN: 978-0736924351; hard back, $15.99

Buy Now at for $11.99

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Special Info: The publishers also offers a wide variety of go-with material for this book, including an activity book, a music CD, a curriculum DVD, and a curriculum kit.

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