Friday, December 18, 2009

Four Faithful Friends

Four Faithful Friends, written by Diane Stortz, is the Biblical story of a lame man who wanted to go see Jesus so he could be healed.
Since he couldn’t walk, he couldn’t get to Jesus by himself. So, four of his friends carried him to the house where Jesus was. They couldn’t get him through the front door, as a crowd was blocking their way, so they had to carry him onto the roof of the house. There was no door or opening in the roof, so they made one of their own. Then, the four friends lowered him down to see Jesus. Jesus said to him, “Get up. Take your mat and go home.” And, he did.
The story is written in a delightful style that kids will enjoy. Every time the four friends are met with a challenge, like not being able to go through the front door of the house, they say, “No problem!” They then quickly come up with an alternative plan. Children will enjoy the repetition in the text.
The illustrations by Bill Dickson are in a bright, comic-book style that will appeal to children.
What I Like: I like the lively writing and the colorful illustrations.
What I Dislike: No Bible reference is given for the story. I think a Bible story should include a Bible verse. By the way, this story can be found in the books of Matthew, Mark and Luke.
Overall Rating: Very good.
Age Appeal: 3-7.
Publisher Info: Standard Publishing, 2008; ISBN: 0784717168; Paperback, $2.29. 
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