Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First Virtues for Toddlers

If you want help instilling good qualities like generosity and patience in your toddler or preschooler, First Virtues for Toddlers by Dr. Mary Manz Simon is a great addition to the family library.

This fat book contains 12 stories (originally published as individual books), each emphasizing a different virtue: kindness, truthfulness, loving nature, patience, forgiveness, friendliness, thankfulness, obedience, joyfulness, generosity, politeness, and a desire to do the best job possible. Each story is short, written in strong rhyme, and has cute pictures of animals drawn by Linda Clearwater, Dorothy Stott, Kathy Couri, and Phyllis Harris.

Here's an example of the text:
"If I make
a great big mess,
I'll be honest
and confess.

I will not steal
from a store.
I will pay
at the door."

Each chapter always refers back to the Bible, offering a simple biblical quote for children to memorize.

The last few pages of the book contain notes for parents, with ideas on promoting virtues.

What I Like: This book is well written and has adorable illustrations. What's not to like?

What I Dislike: My only complaint is that the parental notes would be more useful directly before or after the stories they pertain to, rather than squeezed in at the end of the book.

Overall Rating: Excellent.

Age Appeal: According to the publisher, infant to toddler, but because this isn't a board book, most parents won't be able to read it to their baby. In addition, my four year old (who tends to have advanced tastes) really enjoyed this book and it lead to several interesting conversations about good behavior.

Publishing Info: Standard, 2006; ISBN: 978-0784718483; hardback, $14.99

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Judy Gann said...

Ladies, I'm a children's librarian and taught a workshop, "Spiritual Milk: Selecting Bible Stories & Christian Books for Young Children" at the Association of Christian Schools International's Pacific Northwest Early Education Conference last weekend.

I included your web site on my handout and encouraged the teachers to visit your site. Keep up the good work!

Kristina said...

Judy, thanks so much!

Tanya said...

Judy, that's so cool! Thanks!!