Monday, September 28, 2009

The Mommy Interviews

In The Mommy Interviews, written and illustrated by Kristy Stratton-Tolley, a young girl named Lucy feels frustrated when it seems that her mom is always saying no. She wonders if God has given her the right mommy, but soon realizes that He knew exactly what He was doing, and that her mom is perfect for her.
When Lucy's mom presents her with the opportunity to interview other moms to find a better one, Lucy is up for the challenge. When she spends the day interviewing other moms, Lucy doesn't want to look any further, because she knows that the only mom she wants -- is her own!
What I Like: The book has an attractive look, and the illustrations are vivid and interesting. I like the fact that God's plan in giving parents to children is mentioned in the book. I think children will be able to identify with Lucy, as I'm sure many children have wished they could switch parents in times of frustration. The characters are likeable and children will be eager to keep reading to find out which mommy Lucy will pick.
What I Dislike: I wouldn't want my children to think that they could speak to me so disrespectfully without consequences. In the story, Lucy yells at her mom and tells her that she is not a good mommy. However, I do appreciate that Lucy realizes at the end of the story that she should not have spoken to her mom in such a harsh way.
Overall Rating: Very Good
Age Appeal: Ages 9-12, but I am certain younger children would enjoy this story as well.
Publisher Info: Tate Publishing, 2008; ISBN:1604628472 ; Paperback $8.99.
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Special Info: Each book you buy includes a free download of the audio version of this book. I tried to redeem my download, but the publisher is still completing the audio version of this book. The site told me to check back in a few weeks.
Click here to order just the digital download of this book for $5.99. I assume this will be available soon!
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