Monday, September 21, 2009

God Made Our Bodies

In God Made Our Bodies, Heno Head, Jr. offers another terrific beginning science book, suitable as a read-to-me or early independent reader book.

In this book, "Dr. Heno" introduces us to the basics of how our bodies work. The book begins by explaining that Psalm 139:14 says God made our bodies in an amazing and wonderful way. For example, he knew our bodies would need strength, so he gave us bones.
"When Noah made the ark, he first built a frame to give the ark shape. Our bodes are the frame for our bodies. They give us shape!"
The accompanying illustration by Rusty Fletcher shows a skeleton-like Noah building the ark's frame. Our bones come in many shapes and sizes, we also learn, and the place where our bones come together are called joints.

God also gave us many parts to help us digest food, which ends up in our cells. Cells, we learn, are so small we can't even see them. We also learn a bit about nerve cells in the brain, the five senses, muscles, blood, lungs, and several other body parts. The author acknowledges that
"Some people may have parts that work a little differently from other people. Maybe their eyes don't see. Or their legs don't move...But God loves them just the same. He made them in a special way...God loves us so much that he gave each person a different, special body, so no one is quite like anyone else in the world. Psalm 139:14 is right. We are wonderfully made. We are made by a wonderful God!"
What I Like: I love that God is not an afterthought in this book. While reading this slim volume, we easily gasp not only how wonderfully made our bodies are, but also who, exactly, made them so wonderfully. The illustrations by Rusty Fletcher are also colorful, fun, and useful in helping us to understand the science. This is an excellent introduction to the body.

What I Dislike:
One page says nerves "are like telephone wires that let the brain talk to all the other parts of the body." As more and more families ditch land lines and use cell phones, some kids may not understand this analogy.

Overall Rating: Excellent.

Age Appeal: 3 - 7.

Publishing Info: Standard, 2005; ISBN: 978-0784717011; paperback, $2.29

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