Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thumbuddy You

Thumbuddy You is the first book in the Thumbuddy series. As you read, children will learn that you think they are lovable. special, huggable, beautiful, gentle, incredible, and a miracle.
"Thumbuddy is a miracle ... and so are you!"
Each Thumbperson in the book has its own unique identity, just as our thumb prints do.
I love that on each page there is a fluttering butterfly to point to, which involves children in the reading of the story. There is also a word "hidden" somewhere on each page spread.

What I Like: This book has a simplicity that is charming, but also has things to do to involve a child in the story.

What I Dislike: This is a great book for babies. I love reading the words in this book to my children. My older daughter loves the look of the book, but my younger daughter who is 10 months old is not as captured by the soft pastel of the illustrations. Otherwise, I really love this book.

Overall Rating: Very Good

Age Appeal: Infant - Toddler

Publisher Info: ThumbPeople Books, Inc., 2008; ISBN:0980160642 ; Board Book, $8.95.

Buy it at Amazon.com for $4.46.

Special Info: There is a website dedicated to ThumbPeople products. You can find out more about the message behind "Thumbuddy." There are even free downloads for our children to enjoy! We have reviewed other Thumbpeople books, so check out those reviews as well.

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