Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You Can Support This Site

Did you know that if you buy books or other products through our review links, you help support this site?

Every time you click on one of our Amazon links and buy anything within 24 hours of the initial click through - whether it's one of the books we've reviewed or that chainsaw your husband's been drooling over - we earn a small commission.

If you click through to one of our ChristianBook links and purchase anything within four hours, the same is true.

We aren't making big bucks here; this is a ministry. But when you buy through our links you help cover our costs, including shipping, the cost of giveaways, and the purchase of books. This encourages us, which is good. Too, ChristianBook and Amazon have great it's a win-win situation.

(Please note, if you wish us to receive a commission, you cannot place the item in your wishlist and order it days - weeks, months - later.)

Thank you for your support!

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