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Award-winning artist Gennady Spirin uses watercolor illustrations in a “unique style that combines traditional Russian contemporary art technique with the great traditions of the Renaissance” in his book, Creation. Known for illustrating children’s books with fairy tale themes, Spirin changes his focus to share with us his visions of what God looks like. In a letter to the reader he says each of us have our own idea of what God looks like and our love for the Creator is the one element that unites all our images. But when he reviews other’s works, he finds that “the interpretations are unique and individual,” like we ourselves are. “Naturally, artists represent God according to their beliefs of how he should appear.” Spirin’s representation is certainly unique, as he uses a rich palette of imagery and colors to his advantage. The result is a visual feast for the eyes on every page.

The text for the book comes directly from the first few chapters of Genesis as it relates the story of the Creation.

What I Like: I like, no I love (!), the illustrations. They are beautiful and captivating and the pages are illustrated in a manner unlike any I’ve seen in any children’s book - truly a feast for the eyes.

What I Dislike: The only thing I don’t like about the illustrations is the artist’s visual rendition of God. It reminds me too much of a wizard, albeit a kind and gentle one.

Overall Rating: Excellent.

Age Appeal: The publisher’s suggested age level for this book is 4-7. I’m sure children in this age group would enjoy this book, as the text is simply written. But even though it is a picture book, I also think its artwork would speak to a much larger audience, one that encompasses children, as well as teens and adults.

Publisher Info: Zonderkidz, 2008; ISBN: 0310710847; Hardcover, $14.99.

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