Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Two Builders

The Two Builders offers a charming retelling of one of Jesus' parables. The story of a foolish man who builds his house on the sand and a wise man who builds his on a rock is found in Matthew 7. When the rains come, the foolish man's house collapses, but the wise man's house stands firm.

Author Margaret Williams includes several fun details in her retelling. Her story offers enough exciting drama and fresh description to keep children interested in this story, one they've likely heard (and sung) time and again. The book concludes with Jesus' application: "People who listen to my words and put them into action are like the wise man who built his house on rock."

Steve Smallman combined pencil drawings with watercolor to illustrate this book. Cartoon in nature, they feature lots of color and friendly characters.

What I Like: Everything. The author and illustrator work beautifully together to put flesh on a well-known story and bring fresh insight to its relevance.

What I Dislike: Nothing.

Overall Rating: Very Good.

Age Appeal: The publisher says 4-8, but I think children as young as 2 will enjoy it.

Publisher Info: Lion Books, 2006; ISBN: 0825473152; Paperback; $6.99

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Special Info: This is just one of four books in the Stories from Jesus series.

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