Friday, June 5, 2009

Google "Followers" least for now

Unfortunately, it appears some people using Internet Explorer cannot access any Google blogs using the "Followers" feature. Therefore, at least until the problem is resolved, I've removed the "Follow" feature. I apologize to those who've been having trouble accessing the blog!


Homeschool Friend said...

I finally have broken through to leave you a comment.

Every time I come to your blog, your page freezes and I cannot click on anything to get around or even to X out of your blog. I have to shut my whole computer down.

It happenened this time to the extent of the page freezing but afdter I waited very patiently it finally did let me click on "Post a Comment."

This all started (for me) around the same time that big question mark was placed on your homepage.

I love your blog and miss it!

I'm going to "Publish this Comment" but I have no idea if I will be able to search your site or have to shut down the computer afterwards. I guess we'll see. I know it must be frustrating to you that your readers cannot have fun reading your blog. I hope you get it all worked out very soon.

Kristina said...

Bookworm, I'm glad you got through! Apparently, this is a widespread problem throughout Blogger, caused somehow by the Following widget. Hopefully, Blogger will fix it soon.