Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Child Sockology: Bible Opposites

Written and illustrated by Damon J. Taylor, the Child Sockology series uses cartoon sock puppets for characters. Bible Opposites is no exception. It highlights various opposites found in the Bible along with Scripture references of where those stories can be found. The silly sock illustrations emphasize the point, some with cartoon dialog clouds.
The text is minimal, but big and bold. The featured opposites title the page, but are also underlined in the text. All this makes the book a good choice for beginning readers.

The lessons included are:

  • Day and Night (Creation)
  • Good and Bad (Cain and Abel)
  • Wet and Dry (Noah)
  • Old and Young (Sarah and Isaac)
  • Up and Down (Jacob's Ladder)
  • Small and Big (David and Goliath)
  • In and Out (Jonah)
  • Give and Take (Feeding of 5000)
  • Sad and Happy (Lazarus)
  • Different and Same (John 13:34-35)
  • What I Like: It's great for beginning readers! Not many Christian books teach opposites. This one does a good job. I like that once the kids get the concept of opposites, they can learn the words by sight.
    What I Dislike: I don't like that Cain and Abel are described as "good" and "bad." I would prefer the actions be described as such, not the brothers themselves. Also, I don't like the illustrations. I thought they would be funny, but they're just goofy. Several of the "good" puppets have spots on their heels/heads that resemble yarmulkes. It almost seems a mockery of Jewish traditions. Also, the Jesus "sock" has a halo. This confused my kids; they thought that made Him an angel. Overall Rating:It's definitely not a favorite of mine, but my kids like it, and it does a great job fulfilling it's purpose of teaching opposites. So, I'll give it a rating of "Good."
    Age Appeal: The publisher says "Up to 5," but I recommend 2-5.
    Publisher Info: Kregel KidZone, 2002; ISBN: 0825438527; Boardbook; $6.99
    Buy it Now from for $5.49!
    Or buy it from for $6.99.
    Special Info:
    Other books in the Child Sockology series include Old Testament Bible Feelings and Times We Pray. There are also several titles aimed at older children, such as A Little Man with a Big Plan: The Story of Young David

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