Saturday, May 9, 2009

Jesus Hears Me

Jesus Hears Me offers words and pictures by Joni Walker. The text, written in simple rhyme, reminds children that Jesus hears our prayers wherever we are, no matter what we're doing. After explaining that Jesus hears us in the day, when we play, far away, in the month of May, etc., the book turns toward why Jesus hears us: because He loves us. the text explains "He died to take my sins away." The book concludes with a child thanking Jesus for loving us so much.

What I Like: This book is small and sturdy, perfect for taking along in the diaper bag. The illustrations (except those of Jesus) are really cute! I like that it doesn't teach a memorized prayer, but rather teaches children that God loves us and wants to hear from us without undue pomp and circumstance.

What I Dislike: The last few pages (those about Jesus dying for our sins) seem disconnected to the rest of the book. It feels like an abrupt change. Also, I don't like the illustrations of Jesus. There are two: one of Him on the cross and another of Him ascending in the clouds.

Overall Rating: I'm on the fence between rating this "Good" and "Very Good." My kids are at the top of the suggested age range, so this book didn't strike a loud chord with us. However, I think younger kids would really enjoy it. Therefore, Very Good.

Age Appeal: Baby - Preschool

Publisher Info: Concordia Publishing House, 2008; ISBN: 0758615086; Boardbook; $5.99

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