Sunday, May 31, 2009


As a little thank you for visiting our blog, we have a couple of freebies we'd like to share. Keep a look out for more freebies in the coming months, too.

Free Children's Bible Comparison Chart
Free eBook: Choosing Children's Bibles

Free eBook: Grow a Great Reader

Free Christian Children's Book Review bookmarks



Cheri said...

I love the bookmarks and will continue encouraging other moms to check out your reviews with these.

I also really enjoyed the ebook, but I really feel it needs some author information as well as some indication of the resources used to create the ebook to give it more validity and credibility.

Thank you so much for sharing these freebies.

Kristina said...

Cheri, good point about the eBook. It's written by me, and is based on material from The National Institute of Literacy and other government agencies.

And thanks for spreading the bookmarks around!


Kristina said...

Cheri, I've updated the eBook to reflect your comments. Feel free to download the new version.

LadyD Piano said...

Fabulous bookmarks... I sure can use them. Grow A Great Reader is a subject close to my heart. A big thank you for sharing!