Saturday, April 18, 2009

BiC's Baptism

BiC's Baptism by Robin K Khoury is an odd little book - but a useful one, too, for certain occasions.
BiC is a young boy whose name stands for "Baby in Christ." He's recently accepted Jesus into his heart, under the guidance of grown-up Disciple Dan. The two go to church together and watch Mr.Creaky get baptized. BiC knows he should be baptized, too, but he's scared. He wonders: What's underneath that water and what if Pastor Windy drops him? The whole thing makes his tummy do flip-flops.
Disciple Dan explains how John baptized Jesus, and how and why baptism doesn't actually save us. BiC is relieved; he thinks this means he doesn't have to be baptized. But Dan explains Jesus wants us to be baptized, and what baptism symbolizes. Besides, Dan says, the Bible says God hasn't given us a spirit of fear.
Still fretting, BiC finds wise Mr. Owl and explains his fears. Mr. Owl says when we are scared, we should just hold on tighter to God. They pray together that BiC will overcome his fear. The book ends as we watch BiC get baptized.
What I Like: The illustrations by Kevin Scott Collier are bright and colorful, and if you have a child who's afraid of baptism, this is the book for you.
What I Dislike: If you just want a book introducing the concept of baptism, or explains why we should be baptized, this book might not be a good choice, since it could introduce the idea that baptisms are something some kids are afraid of. I also find it a little odd that we never learn BiC's real name, and it's odder still that everyone in the book is a human except for Mr. Owl.
Overall Rating: Good.
Age Appeal: The publishers don't offer a suggested age group for this book, but I'd say preschool to about age 8.
Publishing Info: Little Light Press, 2008; ISBN: 0966714784; paperback, $12.95
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