Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's Designed to Do What It Does Do

It's Designed to Do What It Does Do was written and illustrated by Ken Ham and Buddy Davis. As members of Answers in Genesis, these men (and others) use science to refute evolution and support creation as described in the Bible. This book highlights nine animals: a platypus, kangaroo, spider, porcupine, raccoon, moose, koala, behemoth, and sheep. After giving a handful of unique characters of the feature animal, the text then asks readers to repeat a little poem:
"It's designed to do what it does do, what it does do it does do well, doesn't it, yes it does, I think it does, do you, I do, hope you do too do you?"
The end of the book clearly states the authors' purpose. "The more we look at animals, the more we see how wonderfully designed they are ... Rather than believe in evolution, it makes so much more sense to believe exactly what the Bible tells us - that God created all things ..." The text concludes by quoting Colossians 1:16a: "For by Him all things were created."
The illustrations are cartoony with heavy outlines and one-dimensional colors blocks. Big googly eyes add to the novelty.
What I Like: The animal facts were cool. My kids are really into nature and Discovery-type shows lately, so that part struck a chord. Googly eyes always appeal to kids.
What I Dislike: The "poem" doesn't make any sense, and the punctuation (or lack thereof) make it even worse. I find it very irritating to repeat this with every two-page spread. The beginning and end sections were too preachy. The first two pages aren't about animals at all, but about the authors and their organization.
Overall Rating: Ho-hum.
Age Appeal: The book says "K-12", but I recommend 4-8.
Publisher Info: Master Books, 2006; ISBN: 0890514844; Boardbook; $9.99
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