Wednesday, March 4, 2009

You Are Thumbuddy

You Are Thumbuddy, by Mark Arens and illustrated by Kelly Frankenberg, will guarantee smiles with each reading. Thumbprints are unique and one of a kind, and this book shows children that they are "thumbuddy" in the same way.

The book comes with an accompanying CD, which features 16 songs that relate to the book. The neat thing about the CD, is that the tunes are old favorites and easy to sing along with.

Peppered with pertinent Scripture verses, this is a book about feeling special:

"Thumbuddy is lovable, special, huggable, beautiful, gentle, incredible, a miracle ... YOU ARE THUMBUDDY," the book begins.

This book encourages a child to live an amazing life, be true to oneself, and to leave a special imprint on the world.

What I Like: The cheerful illustrations and the wonderful Scriptures on each page spread will immediately catch a child's eye. In the back of the book, there is a message to adults, explaining the whole concept behind "Thumbuddy." I was also glad to see that the author pressed home to children that God is the one helping us to do our best and do good things. The book is full of feel good affirmations, but accompanied by solid Scripture.

What I Dislike: Overall, I don't see too much to dislike about this book. I think it does depict life a little unrealistically, but that doesn't detract from the charms of the book.

Overall Rating: Very good.

Age Appeal: Preschool through early elementary, according to the publisher.

Publisher Info: ThumbPeople Inc, 2008; ISBN: 0980160677; Hardback, $17.95.

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