Saturday, January 17, 2009

Questions from Little Hearts

Kathleen Long Bostrom and Elena Kucharik's "Little Blessings" series has proven so popular, the publisher is now releasing the individual titles in collections, saving parents money. Questions from Little Hearts is one of these collections.

Featuring the previously-released titles What is God Like?, What is Prayer?, What About Heaven?, and Are Angels Real?, this collection is an excellent beginning to many children's basic theological questions. (Click the titles in blue to read our reviews of the individual volumes.)

Each title in the collection begins with rhyming verse in a child's voice, asking a series of questions. This is followed by rhyming verse in italics, meant to be either God's voice or a parent's voice, answering every question and then some. Each title ends with complete Bible references, backing up every fact in the book.

In What is God Like? we learn that no one knows what God looks like, that he's been around since the world began, knows every hair on our head, can have a soft or loud voice, that he's both strong and gentle, he's sad when we are and glad when we are, his anger is slow to come, that he's all light, that he lives in heaven and in the hearts of those who love him, and more.

In What is Prayer? we learn that God is always eager to listen to us and hears our every word, that you can pray in any position (on your knees, standing, laying down, etc.), through prayer we can ask God to forgive us and he will, that we should pray for others, God answers every prayer, why we say "amen," and more.

In What about Heaven? we learn we can't see heaven from earth, that we get to heaven by believing in Jesus, that no one will be sick or sad in heaven, that we'll be with God and Jesus in heaven, and more.

In Are Angels Real? we learn that angels serve God, angels are with us wherever we go, that we should pray to God (not to angels), that all angels fly but not all have wings, angels never die, that humans don't become angels when we die, and more.

Every title is accompanied by Elena Kucharik's famous pastel illustrations showing adorable children doing a variety of child-like things.

What I Like: I love that Bostrom emphasizes in every title that we should turn to the Bible for answers, then gives detailed notes for parents and older kids so they can fact check her writing. The rhyming verse is a big hit with young children, and every child I've read these books to loves Kucharik's illustrations.

What I Dislike: Nothing.

Overall Rating: Very good.

Age Appeal: 3 - 6

Publisher Info: Tyndale House, 2009; ISBN: 1414329989; hardback; $14.99

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