Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Noah and His Boat

If you're looking for a good beginning book about the Great Flood, Noah and His Boat by Juliet David is a good choice.

There is nothing all that different about this retelling of the popular Bible story. God tells Noah to build a big boat and put his family and two of every animal aboard it. It rains a lot. Then the rain stops and Noah sends out a dove who brings back a leaf, indicating there is dry land somewhere. The boat lands and God says, "See the rainbow. It's a sign that I love you."

But what does make this board book different and a bit more exciting for very young children, is that it's shaped like the ark, and every page features die cutting. For example, the cover has cut-out port holes in the ark, showing animals inside. These die cut pages nicely highlight the colorful, cartoon like illustrations by Gemma Denham.

What I Like: Kids will love seeing how each upcoming page shapes up.

What I Dislike: At one point, the author says Noah gathered the animals to the ark, but the Bible says God sent the animals there himself. Also, the Bible says the rainbow was a sign that God would not destroy the earth by flood again.

Overall Rating: Good.

Age Appeal: 0 - 4.

Publisher Info: Candle Books, 2008; ISBN: 0825473780; board book; $7.99

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