Monday, October 13, 2008

The Loud Family

Part of Katherine Pebley O'Neal's "Family" series, The Loud Family is an excellent reminder that God has a special plan for everyone.

The book introduces us to a family that's nothing if not loud. They speak in booming tones, they slam doors, the baby howls, they bellow out hymns in church, they unwittingly distract other church-goers with cracking knuckles and shuffling feet, and generally make themselves annoying to those around them.

But one day at church, the pastor's microphone gives out. Nobody can hear him, no matter how loud he tries to speak. So Papa Loud hops up. "I can help!" he says. Putting his loud voice to good use, he helps the pastor finish his sermon.

"Nobody said, 'Sssshhhhh!' Everybody just smiled and thanked Papa for helping with the service.
'Your voice is quite a gift,' said the minister. 'I hope you'll speak during our Christmas play.'
'Thanks! I would love to!' Papa answered."

What I Like:: Everything. The story is fun, makes its point without preaching or being too subtle, and easily applies to people we already know. (And perhaps even ourselves!) The illustrations by Laura Huliska-Beith are bright, funny, and creative. It's not often I can say the illustrations are a perfect match for a book's text, but that's definitely the case here.

What I Dislike: Nothing.

Overall Rating: Excellent.

Age Appeal: According to the publishers, 4 - 8, but my 3 year old loves it!

Publisher Info: Zonderkidz, 2008; ISBN: 0310709849; hard back; $12.99

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