Monday, September 22, 2008

The True Princess

Perfect for the little girl in your life, The True Princess examines the true meaning of being a child of the King. Moving beyond the stereotypes of spoiled, pampered princesses, Angela Ewell Hunt places the archetypal storybook princess within a situation that requires a new set of skills and a fresh approach to life. When the princess is taken into hiding during her father's time away from his kingdom, she learns to care for herself and complete useful tasks. Upon her father's return, he recognizes her not because of fine clothing or jewelry, but because of her loving servant's heart. This simple, moving story effectively illustrates the character traits of humility, love and servitude for children.

What I Like: The illustrations by Diana Magnuson are luminous! Her use of light is marvelous; a golden glow seems to emanate from nowhere and everywhere simultaneously. Bright, clear jewel tones, royal robes and colorful dresses make this title a feast for the eyes.

Many little girls are princess lovers; my 5 year old adores this book, and will look at it for lengthy periods of time, "reading" her own version of the story. Rather than encouraging children to emulate a "prima donna" attitude as other princess stories might, the focus is placed upon attitudes of the heart that God wishes us all to develop. Hunt's story reads like a fairy-tale, and I believe it will become a classic within literature for Christian children.

What I Dislike: The Christian aspects of the story are subtle. While a passage from the Bible is included at the back of the book, adult explanations may be needed for younger children to make the connection between the story and how God wants His children to behave.

Overall Rating: Excellent.

Age Appeal: 4 - 8.

Publishing Info: Charisma Kids, 2005; ISBN: 1591856337; hardcover

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Special Info: Angela Hunt is also the author of some excellent Christian fiction for adults. If you are looking for some reading for yourself, her other titles are wonderful. Titles worth looking into include Doesn't She Look Natural? Fairlawn Series #1, She Always Wore Red Fairlawn Series #2 and Magdalene.

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