Thursday, September 4, 2008

God Loves Me More Than That

There are lots of children's books available discussing God's love, but Dandi Daley Mackall's God Loves Me More Than That goes beyond the usual by exploring the idea of how much God loves each of us.

Always using kid-friendly language and examples, Mackall begins her rhyming book by saying God loves "me" more than the distance between letters A and Z. David Hohn's illustrations add depth and whimsy to this by showing giant letters stretched across the hillside, with a little boy standing on the letter A, trying to see all the way to Z.

The author also tells us God loves "me" more than the bumbles in a bumble bee, that his love is higher than the moon or the space shuttle, deeper than a treasure chest in the ocean, wider than a semi truck or the prairies where cowboys ride, louder than a cheering football crowd, softer than a cat's sneeze or a summer's breeze, and more. The book ends:

"Lord, it's great to be loved by you.
Hope you know that I love you, too.
Nice to know that my whole life through.
God loves me more than that!"

What I Like: I am not always a fan of Dandi Daley Mackall's books, but this book shows her at her best. The text flows easily and describes God's love in a fun and meaningful way. David Hohn's illustrations are superb; they add a lot of imagination to the book and make it all that much more interesting to read. For example, when God's love is said to have more bumbles than a bumble bee, Hohn shows a boy riding on the back of a giant bee. Later, when God's love is said to be deeper than a treasure chest in the sea, he shows the boy in an antique diving suit (a la Jules Vern), finding an old ship with treasure. He really ignites the imagination of children.

What I Dislike: Nothing.

Overall Rating: Excellent.

Age Appeal: According tot he publisher, 4 -8, but children as young as 2 will enjoy this one.

Publishing Info: WaterBrook Press, 2008; ISBN: 1400073162; hard back, $9.95

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