Monday, September 8, 2008

God is in the Window

God is in the Window by Kimberly King tells the story of David, a young boy who longs for the weekends to arrive. When his Mommy is through with her work-week they busy themselves cleaning the house before heading to the beach. However, this important weekly ritual is interrupted by a series of stormy weekends that keeps mother and son housebound.

David and his Mommy discover new ways to share valuable time together as they begin creating art and craft projects, placing each new addition in their large picture window, young David prays for sunny weather each weekend but the rain continues. Mommy explains that the flowers must need water and that God is sending the rain for them.

The reader soon learns that God has used these rainy weekends not only to water the flowers, but for His larger purposes as well. The growing collection of arts and crafts in David's window soon draws the community together in front of their home, and blesses a housebound neighbor as well.

The end of the book includes an art box supply list with some suggestions of crafts to make is sure to delight children who love to work with their hands.

What I Like: This longer than average picture book tells a sweet and heart-warming story of God using all things to accomplish His good purposes. Even when it seems that God is taking the sunshine and fun out of David's life, he replaces it with a new passion that blesses others.
This story is made even more poignant when we learn that it is based upon true events in the life of the author, and her son David. David is now attending a high school that focuses on the visual arts. The joy David found in creating as a young child has continued burning brightly into his young adult years. The characters in the book even resemble King and her son.
The bold, clearly delineated and colorful illustrations by Erik Jones caught the eye of my 2-year-old. She loves pointing to various objects with their bold outlines and saying "Lookee, Lookee".
What I Dislike: The eyes on the characters are very tiny, leading to a beady eyed look I'm not too fond of. This particular illustration style has very little depth and is rather two-dimensional. My personal preference is for illustrations with a realistic amount of depth.
Overall Rating: Very good.
Age Appeal: 4 - 8.
Publishing Info: Interweave Press, 2008; ISBN: 978-0-9771936-6-0; hardcover
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Special Info: This is the second book in the Where Do You Find God series by Kimberly King. The first book is titled God is in the Refrigerator. Free colouring pages are available at Where Do You Find God. There is no father present in this story.

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