Friday, September 26, 2008

The Big Book of Bible Questions

The Big Book of Bible Questions is written by Sally Ann Wright and brightly illustrated by Paola Bertolini Grudina. Each colorful page has two short columns with the same "Q" and "A" format, including a brief paragraph telling more about the event. For example, on one page, the subject is Peter.
Column 1:
Q: "When did the Holy Spirit come to believers?"
A: "On the day of Pentecost."
(This paragraph tells about the tongues of fire, and the power it gave them.)
Column 2:
Q: "Where did Peter heal a man who was crippled?"
A: "At the Beautiful Gate."
(This paragraph tells about Peter and John's encounter with the crippled man.) All of the questions asked throughout the book are also printed in the back of the book, along with the scripture reference. What I Like: I like the layout of the book. It is written in kid-friendly language. I also like the questions and scripture references in the back.
What I Dislike: The illustrations are too cartoonish.
Overall Rating: Good.
Age Appeal: 6-9
Publishing Info: Abingdon Press; 2008; ISBN: 978-0-687-65088-0

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