Wednesday, August 13, 2008

100 New Testament Bible Stories for Children

100 New Testament Bible Stories for Children is retold by Jackie Andrews and illustrated by Val Biro. One hundred retellings of true stories from the New Testament make this book a pleasant way to introduce children to the Bible. Most of the stories cover two pages with kid-friendly language and large, believable illustrations.

The parables in the Bible can be a little difficult to decipher at times, but in this book, a few of the the parables are explained in terms younger aged children would understand.

This storybook begins with "A son for Zacharias and Elizabeth" and continues into the next story, "Mary is Chosen," then, "Mary visits Elizabeth," "The birth of John the Baptist," "Baby Jesus," "Shepherds who worship the Savior," "Wise men worship the king." These brief stories continue on to include Paul and the Apostles and some of the parables Jesus taught, Lydia, Stephen the martyr, Peter, Mark, and so many others.

This would make a great bed time storybook as an introduction to the Bible, not as a replacement. I loved the Bible Story Books when I was a kid, and often shared them with my little ones.

What I Like: The stories are not too long; children will not lose interest, and may even ask for more to be read to them. The text is intriguing, keeping the listeners entertained, while giving them some Biblical background at a young age before graduating to an actual Bible.

What I Dislike: This book does not indicate where to find these stories in the Bible. No reference to scripture is given. Although there are quotes in this book, there are no indications on which translation was used. I do know that it is not quoted from the King James version or the New King James Version.

Age Appeal: Recommended reading level is 4 - 8. I feel it can be read to children younger than 4. Would be wonderful used as a bedtime storybook.

Overall Rating: Very Good.

Publishing Info: Testament, 2005; Hardback, 208 pages; ISBN: 0517225875

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