Monday, July 21, 2008

ABC God loves Me

ABC God Loves Me is an adorable book that teaches God's love with every letter in the alphabet. The pages in this board book are printed with stars, stripes and gingham, all in soft pastels. On each of these patchwork pages, there are different colored blocks (like quilt pieces), some with patterns and some solids, but all pastels. There are large, capital letters on each page centered on the block pieces with coordinating colors and patterns. Words in rhyming text are also printed in regular font on opposite block pieces. For example:

The letter H is on a printed block while the text sits below the H on a solid block.

"H and I -
these letters remind
 that God is always
 good and kind."

 On the same page, the letter I has its own printed block, while more rhyming text is on a solid block, resting above the I...

"Honey and Ice cream 
- tasty and sweet- 
some of my favorite
 things to eat!"

There are four little bunnies and one white duck playing around the letters. They are all dressed in bold, orange and red colors. One bunny sits behind the N, trying to catch the birds in their nest, while another bunny plops down beside the W in his wagon, to take a rest. Another bunny attempts to paint the large letter P, while the duck zips up the polka-dotted Z. 

What I Like: Everything! The colors, the simplicity of the designs, the creativity; it's really fun just to look at! 

What I Dislike: Nothing. 

Overall Rating: Excellent!

Age Appeal: Recommended for ages 4 and under. I think it would interest children to the age of 6.

Publishing Info: Harvest House Gifts; 2007; 10 page board book; ISBN: 0736920951.

Buy it now from for $5.99 or 
Buy it now from for $5.99

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