Friday, April 18, 2008

Noah's Ark: A Hand-Puppet Board Book

This introduction to a much-loved Old Testament Bible character is a true novelty. Noah's Ark: A Hand-Puppet Board Book is a soft, adult-sized glove with a small board book built into the palm. Each finger becomes a plush puppet of one of the book's characters: Noah, a zebra, a giraffe, an elephant and a lion. The book itself is filled with colorful, cartoon illustrations by Michelle Berg. The text is simplistic, merely asserting Noah's love for the animals.
What I Like: It's a fun, , colorful, interactive introduction to Noah. What baby doesn't love finger puppets? These are so cute and soft! I like that the boardbook, while strong and sturdy, is covered with the cloth as well. The illustrations are really cute, too. Best of all, a Velcro strap keeps the book closed to prevent pages from whacking your little one in the nose.
What I Dislike: This book is extremely light on content! It doesn't mention God or the flood. Other than the title, it doesn't even mention the ark. If I were judging just the text, this book would receive a "Poor" rating for it's lack of content. But considering the age range and the very cool novelty of it ...
Overall Rating: Good.
Age Appeal: Infants
Publisher Info: Cartwheel Books, 2007; ISBN: 0439863961; Boardbook; $12.99
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Special Info: This item is also available in Spanish.

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