Friday, March 7, 2008

The Ultimate Travel Time Bible

With family in eight different states, coast to coast, my kids have been forced to endure long road trips since birth. This is why I'm so excited about The Ultimate Travel Time Bible. It was designed for parents like me and kids like mine. Whether you're taking a cross-country drive or simply surviving a traffic jam on the way home from soccer, this book is a must-have for every minivan.
Created by Stephen Elkins and illustrated by Jim Conaway, this book offers an inviting format. The colorful illustrations are done in a friendly cartoon style. Memory verse sidebars and practical applications of Scripture are encouraged throughout. Additional features include:
  • 40 Bible stories from Creation to Paul's letters from prison
  • 40 games - some similar to boardgames are done in the book, others are just fun ideas to pass the time
  • 40 coloring pages - These may be removed from the book for easy sharing.
  • 70-minute praise CD performed by a quality children's choir - Many are familiar favorites. Lesser known songs are taken directly from Scripture providing an easy tool for memorization.
  • 4 sticker pages, including one for each state, if you want to play the license plate game
  • a 100-page activity book filled with crosswords, mazes, puzzles and more
What I Like:Everything! Each Bible story is more than a retelling; it's a "why are we telling." In other words, they are told with a relevant purpose of application for kids. I like the new twists taken on familiar games. Instead of "Slug Bug", this book encourages "Hug Bug" - giving each other hugs when you see a VW beetle. Normally kids' choirs annoy me, but this one doesn't. It's really nice! I like that the book includes lyrics to all the songs on the CD along with matching memory verses. The included activity book is great, too. This author seriously thought of everything. He even reminds kids to keep their seat belts on while playing!
What I Dislike: I wish the CD envelope were attached to the hardcover rather than to the first page; I'm worried it might tear. But, considering the price, this is an extremely minor detail not detracting from the book's exceptional value.
Overall Rating: Excellent!
Age Appeal: 4-8, but I think kids through 10 will enjoy it.
Publisher Info: B&H Publishing, 2007; ISBN: 0805426477; Spiral-bound inside Hardback; $14.99
Buy it Now at for $11.99! Or buy it at Amazon for $11.69.
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