Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Touch-and-See Bible

Yesterday I introduced you to the NLT Story Bible Series with Level 1. Today I'll tell you about Level 2: the Touch-and-See Bible, specifically designed for children ages 1-2.

This Bible storybook engages toddlers' senses by adding textures to vibrant illustrations. Seven popular Bible stories are included: creation, Noah, Moses, Ruth, the nativity, feeding of 5000, and Palm Sunday. Written by author Betsy Todt Schmitt, each story is 5-7 sentences in length. Bible references and memory verses are provided, all in the New Living Translation.

Illustrator Eileen Hine fills the pages with vivid colors and bold outlines, a clip-art-like style that kids will like.Various textures are incorporated into the illustrations such as a velvet flower; shiny metallic sun; lions' fur; satin clothing; basketweave; fuzzy blanket; bumpy, shiny fish scales; and a rough paper leaf.

What I Like: Ruth is mentioned! Not many children’s books tell her story. Also, the memory verses imply an application. For example, Ruth’s memory verse is Zechariah 7:9: “Show kindness to one another.” Finally, I really like the illustrations. They're bold and wonderfully appealing to the target age group.

What I Dislike: The text has a poor flow. The information is good, but the sentences sometimes trip over one another making it a cumbersome read. My children actually prefer to look (and touch) this book without me reading it. They don't like the storytelling.

Overall Rating: Good.

Age Appeal: 1-2

Publisher Info: Standard Publishing, 2004; ISBN: 0784715955; Boardbook; $9.99

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Special Info: Some readers may object to Jesus being depicted in the illustrations. His face is shown as a newborn and again from a distance while riding the donkey into Jerusalem. The story of feeding 5000 also shows a close-up of someone's face, but the subject is not clearly identified. This could be Jesus or a picture of a disciple.

2 comments: said...

What a fun blog! So glad I found you. (I have a Ruth and you are right, not many standard Bible story books share the Biblical Ruth's story.)

This may be a far reach, but just in case you know I'll ask. I'm preparing a "Writing for Publication" class for our homeschool co-op, children ages 4th-12th grades who are interested in being published. Know of any companies, contests, etc. that might work with children under the age 18?

Jenni Saake

Tanya said...

Jenni: The Christian Writers Guild has a course for kids ages 11-18. You can get more information at It's a bit expensive, but very good. I'm sure there are others, but this is the only I know of for this age group. Hope this helps!