Friday, January 4, 2008

Baby's First Prayers

The First Bible Collection: Baby's First Prayers,
compiled by Standard Publishing, was given to my daughter by her grandparents for Christmas. She has been carrying it around by its convenient handle ever since!
This chunky board book is chock full of interesting illustrations by Peter Stevenson and prayers to match all occasions. The poetic prayers were written by Muff Singer, and for some of the prayers there is a question to think about, or an action to perform.

For example, the Anytime Prayer reads:

"God made the world so broad and grand,

Filled with blessings from His hand.

He made the sky so high and blue,

And all the little children too."

The illustration shows two friends sitting atop a city roof while eating a picnic lunch. They are clearly admiring God's creation.

At the bottom of the page there is an action to perform: "Tell God how happy you are that he made you."

What I like:
This book is so perfect for tiny hands! There is a handle for easy toting, and a lock so that the pages won't fan open while it is being carried. The illustrations keep my daughter enthralled. She can identify with each page in some way. She'll excitedly point to the toddler in his highchair, or the teddy bear in the crib. There are little windows cut into the pages for fun peeking. I also like how the book begins with a wake up prayer and ends with a bedtime prayer.

What I don't like:
I can't think of anything!

Overall Rating:

Age Appeal:
2-5 according to the publisher, but my 16 month old loves it! I would probably give it a 1-3 age appeal.

Publishing Info:
Strictly-by-the-book, Inc., 1998; ISBN:1575840685; board book, $11.99

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