Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Something Wonderful: A Christmas Story

The Something Wonderful truly is something wonderful. Written by Karen Hill, this book describes the anticipation many have when approaching this holiday by viewing the first Christmas from the animals' point of view. Funny and poignant, the book is sure to delight children and their parents, all while sharing a valuable lesson.

In a stable in Bethlehem, Something Wonderful was about to happen. The animals could hardly wait. Donkey took the lead as "Project Manager." He delegated responsibilties of organizing the parade and the party to various barn residents. Everyone got to work. With so much activity and so much to do, it wasn't long until something went wrong. Arguments sprung up between this animal and that. Then something else went wrong. The parade route hit a glitch and no one could agree on the buffet.

Finally, Lamb asked a question: Did anyone know what The Something Wonderful was? No one did. "How can we make all these plans when we don't even know what The Something Wonderful will be?" Donkey balked, insisting they must be prepared, but Lamb persuaded the other animals to "watch and wait." He also encouraged them to be nicer to each other and try to get along. "Mr. Donkey, I don't think we have to make a fancy celebration. I think God will give us The Something Wonderful just because He loves us." Rooster added: "We can show God we love Him by being kind to each other." All the animals agreed.

"And then one night something did happen at the little stable in Bethlehem.
A special baby was born there.
A little baby boy named Jesus
... it was wonderful."

Luke 2:1-20 is quoted at the back of the book.

Susan Reagan, illustrator, fills this book with warm colors and delightful characters children will love.

What I Like: Everything! It offers a gentle reminder to children and adults that the holiday is not about the hub-bub surrounding it; Christmas is about Something much more wonderful.

What I Dislike: Nothing.

Overall Rating: Excellent.

Age Appeal: 4-8, but my 2-year-old really likes this book, too.

Publsher Info: Crossway Books, 2005; ISBN: 1581347324; Hardback; $15.99

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