Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Heart for Jesus

A Heart for Jesus was written by Juanita Bynum. Cathy Ann Johnson filled the book with colorful, sometimes "dreamy" illustrations.
This book tackles a phrase of Christianity not everyone understands. What does it mean to give your heart to Jesus?
Her mother gave her heart to Jesus, but this inquisitive young girl can still hear it beating. Finally, the girl asks: "Mom, you still have a heart. Did you really give it to Jesus?" Her mother explains she didn't give the heart that beats in her chest; she gave her feelings and fears to Jesus. "Sometimes I felt sad inside. Or I felt afraid. I was trying to live and love others on my own strength. But I asked Jesus to give me His strength ... instead. Now it feels like I have a brand new heart that doesn't get tired of loving." The little girl wants to know more and so do her friends. How can they give Him those things if they can't see them. Mother tells them to pray to Jesus. "When you tell Him about things that concern you .. and you ask for His help ... it is like giving those things to Him to take care of." The book ends with a prayer of salvation.
What I Like: Most Christian books assume readers already know "Christianese." This book does a great job explaining an intangible concept on a child's level.
What I Dislike: The book makes it seem that if you give your heart to Jesus, you'll never encounter troubles; you'll never be sad or lonely again. One line says your new heart "never runs out of joy, courage, patience." In theory this is true, but parents may need to clarify the point to their children. If they have a bad day and feel sad or lonely, they may think Jesus has taken His heart back and they've lost their salvation.
Overall Rating: Very Good.
Age Appeal: 4-8
Publisher Info: CharismaKids, 2004; ISBN: 1591852064; Hardback; $9.99
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Special Info: This book is also available in Spanish. Visit the author's website for more information about her collection of books and ministry for women worldwide.

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