Thursday, July 5, 2007

Samuel: The Boy Who Listened

Samuel: The Boy Who Listened, is written by Carine Mackenzie with watercolor illustrations by Fred Apps. Illustrations are of biblical times with men, women and children dressed in muslin cloth, sandals, or bare feet. Hannah is grieving because she cannot have children. She prays for a son, and promises to “give him to the Lord all the days of his life.” The author leaves out the rest of this verse, “and no razor shall come upon his head.” God hears Hannah’s prayer; her son, Samuel is born, and she keeps her promise to give him back to the Lord.

The story continues, highlighting the main points in Samuel's life: He learns from the priest, Eli; he hears God’s voice; he becomes a prophet; he becomes a judge in Israel; Samuel talks to Saul; he chooses David to be King; Samuel’s death. It does not say how Samuel died, only that, "Samuel loved and served God from his earliest years until his death."

What I Like: Most everything. The story is in harmony with the scriptures. There were several important verses left out of this 32 page book, but the author does not quote verses, she gives an outline of Samuel's life.

What I Dislike: Nothing. Great for Sunday School class.

Age Appeal: 4-8

Overall Rating: Good

Publishing Info: Christian Focus Publications; 1996 ; ISBN1-85792199-2

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