Monday, July 23, 2007

Noah's Wild Adventure

Matt Mitter and Warner McGee team up again for Noah's Wild Adventure: a fun googly eyes book. Each picture features one animal with big googly eyes. The classic story is told, from building the ark to the rainbow and God's promise, through rhyming poems. The book divides the story into five parts, providing subtitles and Biblical references for each.

Warner McGee does a fantastic job with the illustrations. The colors are vivid and playful; the depictions detailed and unique.

What I Like: My kids love this book! The googly eyes are definitely a hit, but they also love the story. I love the bright colors that fill each page. Also, despite thinner pages, this is a very sturdy book. Great for rough and tumble boys like mine.

What I Dislike: The rhyming does not always flow and the story is a little off. There is no explanation of why God is sending a flood. Also, the author spends one whole page talking about the panda crying from fear. It seemed an odd addition considering the short length of this book (just 12 pages).

Overall Rating: Upper side of Good.

Age Appeal: 4-8, according to the publisher, but I think even infants would enjoy this book.

Publisher Info: Multnomah Kidz, 2007; ISBN: 1590529634; Board book; $7.99

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