Thursday, May 31, 2007

I Love My Bible!

Written and illustrated by Debby Anderson, I Love My Bible! is a wonderful addition to any children's library. The book is different than most picture books because it does not tell a story. Rather it relays facts about the Bible in a way to spark children's interest. It explains that the Bible is different from other books. "It is God's Book ... it is totally true!" The author emphasizes what makes the Bible so special. Here are a few of the fun facts readers learn:

* The Bible contains science, history and exciting stories of interesting people.
* "It is all about Jesus and how He shows us God's love."
*"It will last forever!"
* People can always learn new things about it no matter how old or young they are.
* "Even though forty different people wrote the Bible over hundreds of years, it all fits together perfectly."
* It is God's instruction for people.

The author then offers a missional perspective. "God wants everyone to have His Word." She tells that missionaries translate the Bible into other languages and encourages readers to share what they have so everyone can know God's book.

The illustrations are filled with diverse characters of several ethnicities. Every page is inviting and friendly, loaded with vibrant colors.

What I Like: Everything! This book is an excellent addition to any child's library. It states facts in a way that encourages a love of and interest in Scripture. Biblical references are included on each page to reinforce the author's statements. I especially like the emphasis on application. Toward the end of the book, the illustrations feature note cards with memory verses. The author encourages children to give to missionaries to support Bible translation. She also reminds them to read the Bible every day -- anytime and anywhere. Like all of Debby Anderson's books, the obvious diversity is fantastic.

What I Dislike: Nothing.

Overall Rating: Excellent.

Age Appeal: 4-7, but my three-year-old also enjoys it.

Publisher Info: Crossway Books, 2005; ISBN: 1581347421; Hardback; $9.99

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