Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Great Bible Stories: Joseph

Great Bible Stories: Joseph is the first of two books in the Great Bible Stories series dealing with Joseph of the Old Testament. The retelling of Joseph, his coat of many colors, and his rise in Egyptian politics is aptly done by Maxine Nodel. Noted comic book illustrator Normal Nodel provides vivid illustrations that remind me of the old Prince Valent comic strip.

What I Like: The illustrations are old-fashioned...in a good way. They are clearly done by a talented artist and provide rich detail and color. The book also offers a retelling of a familiar Bible story without including a lot of unnecessary details.

What I Dislike: This isn't so much a dislike as it is a word of caution. Joseph does not skirt around the fact that Joseph's brothers wanted to murder him. Not all children may be ready to for this; at the very least, parents should be prepared for questions that may follow a reading of this book. (Do note, however, that the author skirts around the sexuality in Joseph's story. She says Potiphar's wife "tried to persuade Joseph to plot against her husband," and leaves it at that.)

Overall Rating: Excellent.

Age Appeal: 5 - 9.

Publishing Info: Baronet Books, 1993; ISBN: 0866110089; hardback, $5.95

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Special Info:Normal Nodel died in 2000 and his works are now considered collectible. To learn more about Nodel, check out Comic Creator.

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