Thursday, February 1, 2007

My Bible Storybook

My Bible Storybook, written by Mindy MacDonald and illustrated by Melanie Mitchell, is part of the God Counts series. Other books in the series focus on specific points of Scripture such as the twelve disciples or the nine fruits of the Spirit, but this book covers 10 different Bible stories: "The Very Beginning" (creation), "A Very Bad Apple" (Adam and Eve), "A Big, Big Boat" (Noah), "The Littlest Ruler" (baby Moses), "A Giant Fight" (David and Goliath), "No Lion's Dinner" (Daniel), "Something's Fishy" (Jonah), "The King in the Barn" (Jesus' birth), "Fishes and Loaves" (feeding of the five thousand), "All for Us" (Jesus' death and resurrection). Each story is told in rhyming verse, four stanzas of two lines each. Biblical references are given throughout.The pages, thinner than most board books, are die-cut to reveal 3-D plastic molds of key elements of each story. Colorful and bright, the book begs to be touched and read.

What I Like: Everything! The short stories are simple to understand and easy to repeat. Perfect for early readers. More importantly, the text is accurate with biblical accounts. I appreciate the references provided. It makes it a natural connection to a real Bible. The illustrations are vivid and bold. My kids love touching the different characters and sticking their fingers through the die-cut holes.

What I Dislike: Nothing.

Overall Rating: Very Good.

Age Appeal: 4-8, but my kids have loved this since age 1

Publishing Info: Mulitnomah Kidz, 2005; ISBN: 1590524101; board book; $14.99

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